This website and all affiliated social media accounts are unrelated to a project of the same name, based at the Johns Hopkins University during the early 2000s. The latter project is no longer active.

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Digital Hammurabi on YouTube

From language classes and ancient literature, to live conferences, and interviews with scholars, the Digital Hammurabi YouTube channel contains information pertaining to all aspects of the ancient world, packaged for a non-specialist audience.


Digital Hammurabi

Resist Poor Scholarship!

Always ask,

"How do you know that?"


The world of Mesopotamia...for kids! Short, animated videos intended for educational use. Best suited for children aged 10 and over.

Coming January 2020!

The Digital Hammurabi Podcast

Our podcast features curated material from our YouTube channel, selected according to theme and edited for easy listening, so that you can take with you wherever you go.

Coming October 2019!

Digital Hammurabi on Twitch

Combining archaeological and historically-inspired games with academic commentary for enjoyable and educational livestreams!