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A collaborative project to bring hours of NEW historical content to YouTube!

The first Ancient History Day took place in July, 2021. All of the participating videos can be found below!


Start Time

Channel Name

Video Link

​7:30:00 AM

7:45:00 AM

8:00:00 AM

8:30:00 PM

9:45:00 AM

10:15:00 AM

11:15:00 AM

12:00:00 PM

1:15:00 PM

1:30:00 PM

1:45:00 PM

2:00:00 PM

2:30:00 PM

2:45:00 PM

2:45:00 PM

4:00:00 PM

4:15:00 PM

4:30:00 PM

5:30:00 PM

Digital Hammurabi

Dig it with Raven

Flint Dibble

Peopling the Past


Everyday Orientalism

Horus the Elder

Digital Hammurabi

World of Antiquity

Amelia the Archaeologist

Peopling the Past

Civil War Week to Week

Wadi el-Hudi

Veritas et Caritas

New Testament Review

The Ozymandias Project

History and Headlines

The Ozymandias Project

Digital Hammurabi

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