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Did the OId Testament Endorse Slavery? 2nd Edition




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Digital Hammurabi is a public outreach/digital humanities project/creative brainchild of Assyriologist Megan Lewis. Megan is ably assisted by a number of friends and colleagues. Information on the whole team can be found here.

Megan Lewis (@digi_hammurabi) is a trained Assyriologist, meaning that she knows more about Ancient Mesopotamia than any one person truly should! Read more...


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Learn to Read Ancient Sumerian Volume 2

Our Mission


Our aim is to provide reliable, accurate information about the Ancient Near East (that's modern Iraq and the surrounding area!) in an entertaining and engaging fashion. 

If it's anything to do with ancient languages, history, or culture, then you are in the right place and we hope you enjoy what we do!




Digital Hammurabi on YouTube

From language classes and ancient literature, to live conferences, and interviews with scholars, the Digital Hammurabi YouTube channel contains information pertaining to all aspects of the ancient world, packaged for a non-specialist audience.


This website and all affiliated social media accounts are unrelated to a project of the same name, based at the Johns Hopkins University during the early 2000s. The latter project is no longer active.

© 2020 by Digital Hammurabi

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